Work Through Issues With a Local Counselor

Work Through Issues With a Local Counselor

Participate in our counseling services in Lawton, OK or Duncan, OK

Would you like to participate in individual, family or group counseling? You can come to Marie Detty Youth & Family Services, where we provide adults' and children's counseling services in Lawton, OK and Duncan, OK.

The team providing our counseling services are:

  • Composed of qualified professional counselors
  • Dedicated to improving your quality of life and wellness
  • Equipped with evidence-based practices

Whatever your situation may be, we're here to help you. Call 580-248-6450 (Lawton, OK) or 580-606-6719 (Duncan, OK) now to ask a professional about counseling services. You can pencil in an intake appointment within one to two weeks.

During an intake appointment, we'll discuss a few things, like what you're currently dealing with and what you want to get out of adults' or children's counseling services. We'll talk about which course of treatment may be effective and which counselor you can work with. You'll complete some paperwork and provide insurance information. Then, you can schedule appointments every week or every two weeks.

We accept Medicaid and we have an income-based sliding scale of fees. Contact us today for more information on the sliding scale, Medicaid or insurance.

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